Cider Web (Yankee Candle)

It is really starting to feel like fall here in Rhode Island, so I’ve started transiting from my summer candles to my autumn candles.

First up is Cider Web from Yankee Candle. My wonderful friend Pam bought this candle for me at a Yankee Candle outlet as a wedding gift 🙂

Cider Web1 Cider Web 2


The Scent: A truly wonderful and warm blend of apples and spice! Cider Web smells like a mug of warm apple cider, freshly made from an orchard, with a stick of cinnamon! It is a wonderful autumn scent! A-

The Throw: Is okay…I wish it was a bit stronger. But it does lightly fill up my living room and is one that you will smell as a lovely background scent! B-


Overall, this is an excellent way for me to kickoff my fall burning!

-Kari Ann-



    • Hi Gian,

      Short Wick? I was unsure what you meant; do you mean a brand of candle, a style, or scent?

      All candles will actually burn better if you trim the wicks (produces less soot and is safer). I highly recommend cutting the wicks of your candles to about .25 inches (~.5 cm)! From there, all candles are short wick…and the world is open to possibilities!

    • Oh, now I see! Wow I completely mis-read that! lol

      This has happened to me before with a candle from bath & Body Works…if the wick is too short, you’re right, the flame is too weak and it will burn terribly!

      In my case, my candle was defective. My two options were to return it or cut it up into wax chunks (messy, but if you like the scent, allows you to melt it as a tart.) I used a butter knife and twisted it into the wax until it begins to crack.

      A third possibility is to “pour out” some of the melted wax to give your candle’s wick more length. If your candle is like mine, this wont help at all, because the wick kept ashing to make itself short.

      Goodluck! I hope you can save your candle!

      • Thank you, i found on line this help “take your fingers and rub all sides of the wick and it should light and burn fine hon… ” , i’ve tried and now burn almost perfectly. bye
        (unfortunately here we don’t have any possibilities to return our candle or change it with something else, we don’t have any real yankee store and the sellers don’t allowed this kind of thing :(……..)

      • That’s too bad about return policies…I think it’s taken for granted!

        I hope it continues to burn well for you! How’s the throw? Sometimes throw isn’t affect by burning…hopefully yours is like this!

  1. the throw is still really strong , it’s a great candle “Ruby Red Poppy” pillar from the full bloom limited edition , very special combination of the poppy flower with some spices. The problem were the flame too weak , ciao

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