Wines under $10

Wow, I haven’t posted about wines in a long, long time!

I’m not a big drinker, but I do enjoy trying out new wines. And as a girl on a budget (and candle addition), I prefer the cheaper wines that won’t break the bank, but still taste great!

Here are two I recently tried out:


HandCraft (Petite Sirah): My default is wine whines, but I’ve been venturing into the reds. Petite Sirahs are a good stepping stone between whites and reds (in my opinion). This one was real easy to drink, and was fruity (raspberry) with hints of chocolate notes. But still had that acidic bite that forces you to savor each sip. It was $9.99 and worth it! I really liked this wine!


Drops of Jupiter (California Red): Yup, this wine is made by the lead singer of Train. His brand is Save Me, San Francisco and I totally bought this just because of the celebrity connection. Surprisingly, this is actually my favorite red wine to date, It was the type of wine I’d image myself having with a romantic pasta dinner. My husband and I shared this bottle…he is not a wine drinker, but he actually liked it and had 2 glasses!

This wine was also similar to a Petite Sirah and had a delicious berry-fruity taste! I think this wine is regularly in the $12 range, but it was one sale at my local packie for $10! I’m actually excited to try more from this brand of wine!

-Kari Ann-


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