Cozy Sweater (New 2013 Fall Yankee Candle)

I finally tried Cozy Sweater, one of the new Fall 2013 candles…and I hated it!

Cozy Sweater

The Scent: To me it was perfume and floral overload! This one smelled (to me) like when you walk into Macy’s for the first time and everyone is spraying different perfumes at you! Wow was it strong a floraly! Cozy Sweater is labeled as a fresh scent, but I’d argue it was floral since I didn’t detect any fresh notes! Also, there was nothing about this scent that reminded me of a sweater! I originally assumed that Cozy Sweater would be a repackage of Warm Woolen Mittens…and I wish it was!

To be fair, I hate floral scents, so I can’t give this one a fair review other than too florally. So smell it for yourself and see what you think! D+

The Throw: I cut up this votive and used it as a tart. I only had it melting for about 30 minutes before I knew I hated it and shut it off. But, in than half hour, the throw was pretty strong. It was a light-medium that filled up my bedroom and living room! B+

So, Cozy Sweater was a miss for me! And my husband agreed…after I shut it off he thanked me. He too thought it was too perfume-like. Again, if you like floral perfume, this will be a hit for you!

-Kari Ann-


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