Middle Sister Wine

Continuing on with my under $10 wine diversion is Middle Sister wines, which normally sell for $9.99 each but are often on sale at my packie for 2/$18.

This brand just started getting “big” in Rhode Island, but I tried it over a year ago in Maryland. In a nutsell, it’s not bad, but it’s also not the best I’ve tried so far. yes, I will continue to buy it, but that Drops of Jupiter wine still is my favorite for under $10.

Wicked White

Wicked White (A white blend): This one was very crisp, slightly tart, and very fruity. It was a nice accompaniment to the dinner I’ve been having of pineapple cottage cheese with vegetables to dip in it! If you like the crisper whites, this one is a safe bet. Pear is probably the dominate fruity taste with some melon notes!

Drama Queen


Drama Queen (pinot grigio): This is another fruity wine that is delicious! I think this is my favorite from the Middle Sister brand so far. It was a stone fruit flavor of apple and pear. It was very refreshing, but not as tart as the Wicked White. It was also very easy to drink!


My last thought: This brand is similar to the Cupcake Wine brand (which I’m a huge fan of). So I urge everyone to give Middle Sister a try!



I’m still trying to break the thought that “if wine is under $10, it’s cooking wine.” No! Wine can be delicious no matter the price!


-Kari Ann-



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