Candy Corn Coffee

Well, it’s not a candle, but it will make your kitchen fill up with a wonderful aroma! Candy Corn flavored coffee is October’s sweetness in a cup! Coffee with hints of the sugary goodness that is candy corn? Perfection!

Candy Corn

This new, and seemly odd, coffee flavor is at Target…and it’s been flying off the shelves! The first two times I tried to get it, it was sold out! I got lucky and was passing through as it was being re-stocked!

Anyways, if you like coffee, give this one a try.

If not, it inspired me to think f a new mixology:

1 part Hazelnut Coffee, 1 part Candy Corn


I will be giving this a try! 🙂

-Kari Ann-



  1. LOL! I stared at this on the shelf for sooooo long before deciding not to pick it up. If they had a single pot packet or the price were a bit lower, I probably would have given it a try.

    • I think I was tricked into buying it because it had been sold out for so long, I grabbed it!

      But, it ended up being great! I agree though..I wish Target had all it’s coffee flavors in those $.99 mini packs!

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