Lake Sunset (Revisited)

I reviewed this scent about a month ago and gave it a B-. Lake Sunset is a new Fall 2013 Yankee Candle scent…and for some reason, on my second try, I liked this scent much better!


Has this ever happened to anyone else? This is proof that sometimes you have to try a scent more than once!

Lake Sunset

On my second time around with this scent, I could smell those “clean and fresh” lake notes! It smelled like the still warm water, even though the air is crisp. And I could detect some green notes from lily pads and changing leaves! My new grading is a B+…….what a come back!


I used this votive as a tart by cutting it in two. The throw is still just average…it’s not bad or undetectable…but it does leave me wishing it was stronger. This is definitely a “small room” scent! B


So there you go….Lake Sunset is a nice, clean scent!

-Kari Ann-



  1. second try is always better to revoke at our senses all that a candle can do , i adore Lake Sunset, is really strong in tart, i have a jar too, one of the best candle for this fall for my opinion (sorry for my english)

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