Coconut Sea Air (Yankee Candle)

In the spring/summer of 2012, Yankee Candle release a coconut line that was following the home decorating trend of numbers.


They released 5 candles in stores that were all coconut scents mixed with something else. (There was a special 6th scent that was available online and at the Flagship stores. It was coconut and pineapple, but smelled like Christmas at the Beach (pineapple cilantro and coconut bay) to me.)

Personally, I love the No. 1 decor! But, I will admit that I did not like having obscure glass. It was impossible to see if they candle was lit or not after it was 1/4th the way burned, and I was paranoid I’d forget to blow it out!


During the Semi-annual sale last winter, the remaining Coconut collection candles were 75% off, so I grabbed two of them! The one I decided to try first was Coconut/Sea Air.


The Scent: I was not a big fan of this scent…and neither was many others from my store…which is why it may have lasted to the middle of a winter SAS. I could not smell any coconut, not even a hint! It smelled more floral to me than anything else. It was pleasant and soft, but did not remind me of sea air. It’s a hard scent to describe, but it smelled like a spring morning after a gentle rain. In my opinion, the name of the candle did not describe the scent in any way. It was not for me, but still a pleasant scent. C

The Throw: Very average at best. This one was light, but still perceivable. It didn’t blow me away, but also was still able to lightly fill my living room. C+

Overall, I was not wowed by this scent. I love the idea of the decorative candle, but I hated that you couldn’t actually see if the wick was lit or not. I’ll still to the jars!

-Kari Ann-


One comment

  1. That’s disappointing! It sounds like such a nice scent from the description. I liked the look of the crock candles, but yeah I can absolutely see there’d be a problem with monitoring the flame.

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