With-a-Twist Room Frangrancer

Last year, Yankee Candle released a new “flameless” room refreshener called the With-a-Twist frangrancer. Jenna got me one for Christmas last year, and I realized that I never gave a review on it!

Pink sands

This product is fantastic, especially in a small space like an office or bathroom. I put this one near my cat’s litter box in the basement. In the large space of my basement, it filled up the area in a 10-foot radius strongly for about 2 weeks, then began to fade slowly. Overall, it masked my cat’s litter box for about 3 weeks…which is fantastic! It had a strong throw, but not the overbearing type that induces headaches! It was a pleasant background scent.

I love the scent Pink Sands and I do love the look of this fragrancer. It did it’s job and I would definitely buy it again. I think it would be best in a bathroom-like space, although I will definitely continue to place one in the basement near my cat’s litterbox. If you have a small, shared, office, ask your officemates first, because this one did carrying fairly far in that first few days!

Overall, I give this product a A-. It’s better than many of the Renewit and glade flameless  room fresheners. But, I still prefer the plug-ins from with Bath & Body Works or Airwick for larger spaces.

-Kari Ann-



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