Random Post

Well, it’s that time of year when Jenna and I make our annual trip to Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, MA…aka the Mothership!

For my first post of the trip, I thought I’d post three random pictures of YC products that caught my eye!


I love Happy Halloween. If you look real close in the picture, the gold seal on the lower left has Collector’s Edition written on it! The scent is black licorice, which I hate the taste of, but love the smell! And the label is so cool (and cute!). This is one to grab if you like Halloween and/or collecting Yankee Candle items!


Again with the Halloween trend I’m in….how cute is this Illumalid? Illumalids help Yankee candle medium and large jars burn evenly (get the most out of your $), and also reduces some of the soot that is produced. This Halloween version is so cute and would be perfect on the Happy Halloween candle!


So I bought  Celebrate Christmas at an outlet…..and got some reviews that the name may have changed…but the US official version of this 2013 Holiday scent is Celebrate Christmas. I love this scent! It is Gingerbread mixed with Spiced Apple. Yummy!!!!


-Kari Ann-


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