Mmm, Bacon

My husband has known about this candle since it’s release (I am a YC fanatic, so of course I told him!)

Well, my father-in-law’s birthday was a little while ago, and my husband knew the PERFECT gift for him: Mmm, Bacon.

Mmm, Bacon

My father-in-law is a meat and potatoes kind of guy who loves breakfast more than any meal. I must give it to my husband, this was such an excellent gift for him…..

and he loved it!

The Scent: Maple glazed, crispy bacon. (It’s not fair for me to grade this one, because I’m a vegetarian)

The Throw: We were all impressed. It is a softer throw than the cold sniff, but it did fill up his kitchen and make my husband and his father crave bacon. This candle is a good one. B+


So, there it is. Mmm, Bacon. If you like the smell of bacon, this candle smells like the real thing (with that touch of maple) and will fill up your kitchen. It even tricked a party guest into thinking we were actually making bacon!

I still think it’s gross!

-Kari Ann-



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