Target Home Classics

I do almost all my food, home, and pet shopping at Target…so I’m there at least once a week. Every time I go in, I love to peruse the candle section (Sometimes there’s really good clearance items!)

Anyway, here are the three new autumn scents/products from the Yankee Candle Home Classics line for Target that caught my eye!


Apple & Pumpkin Picking: Finally! This is (to my nose) an exact replica of Apple Pumpkin! And I love this jar. Target has been rocking the thinner, one-wick tumblers, which I love the look of!


I just noticed that Target got the Fragrance Spheres (another great product from YC)! These babies come in limited scents at YC stores…so it’s nice to see that Target offers some new version! I loved Autumn Festival….it was like Farmer’s Market without the peach mixed with Apple Pumpkin!


This three-scent candle is made of my three favorite fall scents from this line! Boy do I want this candle! Hopefully it will last in stores long enough to go on clearance! 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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