Pumpkin Wreath Revisited

I posted a rave review on Pumpkin Wreath (one of the new Fall 2013 scents from Yankee Candle)……and my opinion on the scent hasn’t changed, it rocks!

But, at that time, I only had tried a votive and refrained from “grading” the throw since votives are generally weaker than jars and tarts.

Well, I finally tried a tart of Pumpkin Wreath, so now I can review this one completely! And……the throw is poor!

pumpkin wreath

The Scent: Is still wonderful! It is a blend of Spiced Pumpkin and Red Apple Wreath. In “buzz word” terms, it is apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, and a dash of woodsy notes. A-

The Throw: Okay, this one could be stronger! The votive was actually a good indication to the weaker throw. The tart gave off a light throw and the scent was just above that “not noticeable” line. C-

So, in sum, I love this scent! But the throw leaves you wanting more! It is salvagable for a tiny room, but the throw is too weak (to me) to ever justify getting a jar! If this one comes back, I hope they fix the throw!

Until then, I’d recommend skipping this scent and burning Spiced Pumpkin and Red Apple Wreath together!

-Kari Ann-


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