Walmart’s BH&G new scents!

I stopped by Walmart the other day and had to check out if any new scents came out for the Better Homes & Gardens line! I ended up buying 5 new wax melts (posts to come soon!).

But here were some new scents that I passes on. Some because they were only available in a large jar, some because they were terrible!


1) Warm Hazelnut Toddy:  This scent was incredible…it smelled very similar to Yankee candle’s Hot Buttered Rum (a retired, but incredible scent that is one of Jenna’s favorites). This scent was only available as a jar, so i passed on it! But if it comes out as a wax cube, I’ll buy 10! It seemed as if the Holiday scents were available in jars, but not in wax cubes yet! If you like those orange butterscotch candies, this scent is for you!


2) Red Velvet Cupcake: I was on the fence about this one….but the slightly artificial chocolate notes turned me away. I have not found a Red Velvet candle scent yet that I like. Personally, I’d rather smell the scent of actual Red Velvet cupcakes baking in the oven!


3) Gooey Marshmallow S’mores: Okay, this one sounds great…but it’s terrible!!!! All I could smell was that artificial, nauseating, burnt chocolate smells and hints of peppermint! What? Maybe this was a bad batch…but boy was it terrible!


4) Brownie Pecan Pie: This one was actually pretty good! I almost bought it…if I had gotten 6 wax cubes. The chocolate notes are more decadent, and the pecan is very nice. It was one of those scents that was good…but not “drop everything and buy me” good. It seemed, maybe, a tad bland compared to the others I bought. Of all the chocolate-like scents, this one was the best (to me) upon a cold sniff!


5) Creamy Hazelnut Latte: If this was available as a wax cube, I would have definitely bought it! It was a more creamy version of Yankee Candle’s Hazelnut Coffee! Almost as if Buttercream was added into the Hazelnut Coffee scent. It reminded me of one of my favorite Starbucks drinks!


6) Berry Pumpkin Cream: This is another one that I loved and would have bought if it were available as a wax cube! It was kind of like Wild Berry Cheesecake from BH&G with a dash of pumpkin puree! It was probably my favor new scent overall!


There you go! Lot’s of new scents at Walmart! The holidays are some of the most exciting times for candle lovers!

-Kari Ann-



  1. It is June 29, 2014… can you tell me where I can get the Warm Hazelnut Toddy-scented wax cubes or jars, please? I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

    • Angie, Warm Hazelnut Toddy was a fall/holiday 2013 at Walmart. Hopefully it will come back (it was pretty popular in my area). The autumn lines are usually brought in around August at Walmart!

      I’ll keep my eye out, but unfortunately this scent will be difficult to find right now! Sorry! and goodluck!

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