Snowflake Cookie Part I

Yes, part I!

Snowflake Cookie is one of the new Holiday 2013 scents from Yankee Candle. I bought a tart of this scent at Deerfield with Jenna and finally got to try it! This is a two part review since I also have a small tumbler of the scent (which I will review next!)

So, how is this new Food & Spice scent………..

Snowflake Cookie

well……in a nutshell…I love it, but wish the tart was stronger!

The Scent: In the words of the wonderful saleswomen at my local YC Outlet…it smells like Danish Butter Cookie, only with sugary frosting on top! I agree, it is a warm, buttery and sugary, cookie scent with an extra touch of sugary buttercream frosting. I know some people have said this scent is too sweet, but I disagree. It is a sugar rush in a tart….but it’s smells so good! A-

The Throw: For this tart, I was not impressed at all. It was just barely detectable. This one left me wanting something stronger. C-

Stay tuned for Snowflake Cookie Part II

-Kari Ann-



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