Snowflake Cookie Part II

As promised…here is my second review on Snowflake Cookie.

A question I get asked a lot is “how does the throw of a tart compare to the throw of a jar/tumbler?” The answer is…it depends on the scent!

For Snowflake Cookie, I have found that the tart was basically a dud, but the small tumbler I have has a much better throw! But….it still is a “light” scent. Disappointing, but much better than the tart!

Snowflake Cookie 2

The scent remains the same description: a delicious, frosted, version of Danish Butter Cookie.

But, the throw of this small tumbler gets a B…which is much improved from the C- the tart got. I will admit that Snowflake Cookie, even as a tumbler, does make me wish it were a tad stronger! However, the tumbler of this scent was much more “smellable.” The tart faded into the background, making me forget that I even had a tart melting, but the tumbler supplied a steady light-medium scent that filled up most of my living space.

So, overall, Snowflake Cookie is a wonderfully sweet scent that is better as a tumbler than a tart! I have to thank Pam, a friend of the family, for this tumbler! (She got it for me and the hubby as part of our wedding gift!)

My final note……While I love Snowflake Cookie, I question it as a holiday scent! Its so weird how appearance and design affect how a scent is perceived. The pink color makes me think more of Valentine’s Day than Christmas….so in my very humble opinion, I think Snowflake Cookie has the potential to be a winter scent that will last beyond the holiday craze. Funny thing…if this candle was white, red, or green, I’d probably come to a very different conclusion!

-Kari Ann-


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