Sweet Corn Pudding Flapjacks (CFTKR)

Sweet Corn Pudding Flapjacks is another scent I bought from Candles from the Keeping Room…and it’s a winner for me!

Sweet Corn

The Scent: A corn bread pancake! This one is like a new take on Thanksgiving breakfast….the meal my husband and I make to satisfy ourselves as we cook all the food, yet doesn’t destroy our appetite for the big meal! It’s a silky, creamy corn scent with the buttery, floury flapjacks! A-

The Throw: Another solid performer by CFTKR. This one was good! It filled up my living area with ease. A-

So, Sweet Corn Pudding Flapjacks was another great scent that was very fitting for the fall, particularly Thanksgiving!

-Kari Ann-



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