Outlet trip with Jenna

Jenna and I were shopping for career clothes…and we thought we’d drop into our local Yankee Candle Outlet. Here’s some new candles we got to sniff!

Warning…I have a cold, so my sense of smell was not ideal!

Under the Palms

1) Under the Palms: This was a unique scent…Jenna and I couldn’t tell if we likes it or hated it. It had a green scent and was similar to Malaysian Palm (World Journey). If you like lush, green, fresh scents, this will be one to look out for!

Snow Berry

2) Snow Berry: This is a holiday 2013 scent that I don’t know the status of…I’ve heard it’s going to pop into stores, or that it may be an international scent that didn’t make it to the USA. Either way, it’s a great scent! The juicy red berries mixed with fresh, frosty snow is a perfect winter scent..not just a Christmas scent! I really liked this one!

Exotic Bloom

3) Exotic Bloom: My cold prevented me from getting a good sniff at tarts (sorry). But here is a new 2014 scent!

Citrus Tango

4) Citrus Tango: I couldn’t smell this one well either…but I got nostalgic for the label of this scent. Citrus Tango’s label was the theme of my wedding. And that’s Jenna’s hand in the photo! I’m very excited for this scent!

Sandalwood vanilla

5) Sandalwood Vanilla: Jenna and I got into an argument whether this was a new scent or not. I was team “new scent” and liked the earthy vanilla tones. (and loved the label!)

Star Cookie

6) Okay, I loved Star Cookie. But, as Jenna laughed “Wow, it smells like every other YC cookie scent.” Yup, this scent was basically identical to Christmas Cookie, but I loved it!

Cafe Soho

7) Cafe: It’s no secret that I love coffee, and coffee scents. Wow is this a strong, freshly ground coffee bean, scent. If you like coffee scents, this will be a home run. It is much more of a coffee scent than a latte scent.


And finally, I made a quick trip to Homegoods, browsing for North Pole Magic. (I love how wonderful this candle community is…..This is a shout out to our commenters Gini and Irene). I didn’t find North Pole Magic, but my Homegoods was loaded with new holiday YC scents.


Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-



  1. So you found an unreleased, unannounced scent? That is so cool. Do they only show up in the outlets, or also the company stores? Thank you.

    • A lot of times the outlets get scents that are not yet released in retail stores…my guess is these “tropical” scents will be part of the 2014 Spring collection. But, depending on sales in test stores, some never make it to actual stores.

      Outlets are the ultimate place to find new and unreleased scents 🙂

  2. Hi! This is a great Blog! I came upon this page when I was Googling for a picture of the EXOTIC BLOOM tart for my Pinterest page (shameless plug)- http://www.pinterest.com/virgoboy/yankee-candle-wax-tarts/. Just a few thoughts, for what they’re worth:

    1. From what I have been told, Snow Berry was released in 2009, re-released as a Holiday “treasure” in 2011 and was made available in Outlets this year. As a Tart FREAK it’s one of the few Jar Candles I own and I love it!
    2. Sandalwood Vanilla, I believe, is European/UK/Canadian, not a new US release. The “foreign” labels usually have the name of the scent in English and at least French (like the Sandalwood Vanilla tart pictured). Also the US candles say “America’s Best Loved Candle” under the YANKEE CANDLE name as opposed to “a passion for fragrance” in the same spot on the non-US labels.

    You ladies probably know all of this already. Just thought I would help 😉

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