Coconut/Mandarin (No. 3)

Two summers ago, Yankee Candle released a special coconut collection of which they were numbered 1-6 (the 6th one was a special facebook scent) and all were coconut mixed with something else.

During the Semi-Annual Sale (2012), I was able to score two of these scents for 75% off. I have already reviewed the first one I bought (No. 1, coconut/sea air)…..I didn’t like it very much. To be honest, I was dreading trying out the other I bought…but it’s awesome!

No. 3

The Scent: Coconut/Mandarin is a tropical scent that is the perfect balance of sweet coconut and acidic citrus. It smells like a day at the beach with sun screen, a mixed drink, and lots of sunshine! B+

The Throw: While No. 1 was very, very light, No. 3 is stronger! Overall, it’s still a light-medium throw, but it warmly will fill up a small space. This one is perfect for a bathroom-sized area! B-

Overall, I appreciate YC trying out a new jar style….however, the throws of these candles were not as good as they should be. I’d love to see another line similar to this…with more coconut and better throws!

-Kari Ann-


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