Airwick Cranberry Harvest (Cape Cod)

Airwick currently has a Nation Parks limited edition collection where they display scents from all around the USA. A few weeks ago, I saw the Cape Cod scent: cranberry harvest, and just had to try it out!

Cape Cod

The Scent: A sweet and candy-like cranberry scent. It is definitely on the sweeter side (not at all tart) and is reminiscent of the holiday season. It reminds me of that period between Christmas and Thanksgiving. B

The Throw: I had one major issue with the throw of this scent… disappeared after a week! I had my Airwick plug-in set to the middle strength (3). For the first week, it was a lovely light-medium constant scent that masked my cat’s litterbox. But, after a week, the throw changed to become so weak I couldn’t smell it (and not juts because I had become used to it). i even switched the plug-in to full strength (5), but still nothing. This was the same reason why I had stopped using Airwick…some scents are great while others are total duds! (First week B; second week F; Overall: C-)

-Kari Ann-


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