Country Kettle Corn (BH&G)

Country Kettle Corn

Country Kettle Corn is a new scent from the BH&G wax line at Walmart…..I was so excited for this scent based solely on the name. Too bad that the name of the scent is WAY off. This should be called Caramel Corn, not Kettle Corn.

The Scent: Caramel coated popcorn, with dashes of toffee. It smells similar to BBW’s Salty Caramel…but in my opinion, isn’t quite as good. There’s something missing. The scent is sweet and caramelly at first, but after a while I got sick of it. I think I wanted a kettle corn smell: something sweet and salty with hints of butter. But Country Kettle Corn is really just a caramel-coated popcorn scent similar to the popcorn in those holiday popcorn tins. B-

The Throw: It was decent. It definitely filled up my room, but wasn’t a “blow your socks off” scent. But another good job by these BH&G wax cubes. B

Overall, Country Kettle Corn isn’t a bad scent….but it desperately needs to be renamed as caramel corn so it doesn’t deceive it’s buyers. The cold sniff does show hints of caramel, but once melting, that caramel takes over.

I definitely won’t be buying this one again. If I want a caramel corn scent, BBW’s Salty Caramel blows this one out of the water (to me at least! 🙂 )

-Kari Ann-



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