Christmas Cookie (Car Freshener)

I feel like Christmas is really being slammed down our throats this year! Two of the Boston-area radio stations switched to 24 hour holiday music the day after Halloween! What? It’s just the beginning of fall! I’m still enjoying the leaves changing and pumpkin coffee!

But, now that Thanksgiving is next week, and the Octoberfest beers have been put in hibernation, I tried to get into the holiday spirit by hanging a Christmas Cookie car freshener in my tiny Yaris.

car freshener

Wow have I been blown away by this one!

I usually go for the Ultimate Car gel fresheners, but lately they all seem duds. But this classic car jar is crushing it! My car has seemed like freshly baked sugar cookies for a week and a half! I love it!

Unfortunately, Christmas Cookie has never reminded me of Christmas…..I get more of a Valentine’s Day vibe from it (and this pink car jar does help!)

Anyways…….I love this car freshener!

-Kari Ann-



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