It Happened One Night collection

Bath & Body Works put out a new collection a few weeks ago called It Happened One Night. I think they are brilliant for making this New Year’s Eve (or easily interpreted as any  party event).

Jenna and I are famous for giving candles as holiday gifts to our friends, family, and co-workers. One (sort of) flaw with candles as Christmas gifts is that the candle scent is normally Christmas-themed. You can’t really enjoy a Christmas Tree candle starting on Christmas.

Okay, I still give them because 1) Everyone loves candles, 2) I light pine, cinnamon, and other Christmas-theme candles all year round (and so do others!), 3) most Christmas-themed scents are really winter themed scents (vanilla, snow, hot chocolate) and should get a few more months out of even season burners, 4) The candle could always be saved for next year, and 5) I have plenty of friends who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Anyways, I love seeing New Year’s themed candles!


The labels are beautiful and the scents are fun! Half of the collection featured returning scents: Cranberry Pear Bellini, Peach Bellini, Hot Buttered Run, and Spiced Apple Toddy. All four are great winter-drink scents. I love Peach Bellini and am happy it doesn’t gt lumped in with only the summer scents.

Three new scents were introduced for this collection.

Champagne Toast was my favorite all all the candle scents currently at Bath & Body Works. It has a fruity, bubbly scent that is delicious and festive! Black Tie was very masculine….cue Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie. I personally hated Party Dress, but Jenna loves it! To me, it was too perfume-y.

Around this time last year, B&BW’s released their Around the World line, which was shorty followed by their $8 large tumbler sale. The collection flew off the shelves and was poorly restocked. So, if you have your eye on one of these scents, looks out for good sales and grab it while you can!

-Kari Ann-


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