North Pole Magic (World Journey)

I stopped by Homegoods yesterday to get some picture frames…and I finally saw the new holiday World Journey: North Pole Magic!

Gini had left a comment a week or two ago asking about this scent…so it looks like it may be a returning scent that was rare! Gini, if your reading this, I’d check out Homegoods/Marshals/TJMaxx by you!

north pole magic

It was a fresh and pine-like scent…so don’t be deceived by the red! It had other notes in it (maybe similar to Sparkling Snow?). If you’re a fan of the fresh, balsam or cedar types Christmas scents, I’d recommend you give this one a sniff! I wish that Homegoods had an Alpine Spruce World Journey left so I could compare them… hand, North Pole Magic seemed like it was stronger upon cold sniff.

I didn’t get one (I have a no self buying policy during the holiday season), but maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll be some leftover after Christmas!

-Kari Ann-



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