Thanksgiving with Kari and Jenna

Of course we lit some Yankee Candles to set Thanksgiving off right!


On the kitchen table, Jenna had Maple Pancakes lit! This candle is amazing! It really started this American holiday off wonderful! The blast of maple syrup with hints of pancake was perfect and made everyone hungry!


In the bathroom, Jenna lit one of her favorite candles: Cherries on Snow. This sweet, cherry slushie scent, is wonderful! Although I personally don’t think of it as a winter scent!


And….I made two pies!


The first pie I made was a pumpkin cheesecake (my favorite!……it’s a pumpkin pie- cheesecake hybrid!)

Here’s the recipe


The second pie I made was a pudding pie. It’s a tradition in our family. I just get a Keebler graham cracker crust, and add a layer of instant chocolate pudding, instant vanilla pudding, and cool whip. Then it’s topped with Skor bar pieces and chocolate chips!


Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

-Kari Ann-


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