Random trip to Yankee Candle

Last weekend, Jenna and I went Christmas shopping, and we had to pop into Yankee Candle.

Surprisingly, I had not been there recently, so I hadn’t sniffed Cream Colored Ponies yet!


I found it hard to image what a pony candle could smell like (hay? meadows? a stable?) But Yankee Candle went the frosted vanilla sugar cookie route. I love baked good scents, and this one was a home run to me! If you like Christmas Cookie or Snowflake Cookie, give Cream Colored Ponies a sniff! This is the last scent that will be released for the My Favorite Things collection!


I also really liked these snow globe candle accessories. The snow globe on the candle tray actually lights up! Jenna and I both hope that these will be at the SAS (day after Christmas)…because we’d love to get one!


The snow globe accessories are meant for these three scents: The Snow Globe Collection! I actually loved Santa’s Candy Castle (smelled like ribbon candy and gumdrops). Magical Frosted Forest was a pine scent (it was nice but I still prefer Balsam and Cedar). I actually don’t remember if I even smelled Sugary Sweet Snowfall, but it is a marshmallow vanilla scent.

I’m still on my no-buying-for-myself policy…..but I have plenty to burn until after Christmas!


-Kari Ann-



  1. I dropped by the mall after a pie party the other night when everything was open til 11, but I avoided YC because I knew I was too tired and weak to resist buying stuff for myself 😀

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