Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff (CFTKR)

One of my favorite scents as a teenager was Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel. It was a sweet vanilla scent that had a creaminess to it that remaindered me of having a mug of french vanilla hot chocolate (Swiss Miss used to make this and it was delicious!) with a vanilla frosted sugar cookie.

One of the sample I got from my Candle from the Keeping Room order was Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff, and I loved this one!


The Scent: It smelled just like B&BW’s Vanilla Bean Noel with dashes of Fluff (another childhood favorite….and the vegetarian alternative to marshmallow in cocoa!) A

The Throw: This one was a pleasant surprise…it was much stronger than some of the other vanilla-based scents I’ve tried. VBNF filled up my living room with a medium throw that made me feel like I was on vanilla clouds! B+


Overall, I loved this one. The fluff really brought an updated to the Vanilla Bean Noel that was both festive and dessert-like!

-Kari Ann-





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