Celebrate Christmas

My friends Pam and Christian bought be a medium jar of Celebrate Christmas as a wedding gift! I’ve been burning this lovely scent the last two weeks to get into the holiday spirit.

Celebrate Christmas is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2013 holiday scents…and it’s one for Food & Spice scent lovers!

Celebrate Christmas2

The Scent: Gingerbread cookies with warm cider teeming with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and extra notes of crystallized ginger. While there isn’t really an apple note, I can’t help but think that Celebrate Christmas is a mix of warm spiced apple cider (with extra spice) and freshly baked spicy gingerbread men. It’s more of a savory baked good scent than a sweet baked good, which I love. Celebrate Christmas is a bit more mellow than Gingerbread (the scent), but adds all the extra spices that remind me of the holidays! A

The Throw: This candle has a medium throw, but as I said with the tart, it is weaker than my experience with Gingerbread. This scent will fill up a large room and begin to release it’s aroma within minutes of being lit. My candle never got a deep wax pool, so that may have been why the throw was a bit subdued. So, the throw is impressive and wonderful, but I do wish it was a tad stronger. B

Overall, I love this scent and I hope to see it return next year! It fills the holiday food scent gap between all the Sugar Cookie scents and the more dinner-like cranberry and pure cinnamon scents.

-Kari Ann-



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