Merry Christmas everyone!

About a month ago I attended a Party Lite party. Of course I ended up buying several things. One of the things I bought was a 3-wick jar of their Tangerine Mango scent. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the candle. The entire candle was a wax pool after only being lit for a little while. It burns so evenly. The party lite scents have a much different scent then any other brand I’ve used–it’s hard to describe but I might go as far as to say that it’s more perfumey. I mean that in a good way though.

My only complaint is that the metal bottom of the wicks don’t seem to be glued to the bottom so when the entire jar was a wax pool they would move around a bit, but I can live with that.

Their accessories are also absolutely gorgeous. If anyone gets the chance to attend a party lite party I would definitely recommend it. You can only buy through a representative, similar to Avon.




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