Cherry Lemonade

Lol, Jenna always comments when I make multiple posts on the same scent!

Well here is another post about Cherry Lemonade! One of my favorites!

cherry lemonade2

The Scent: Sweet, sugary lemonade with a heavy dash of sweet maraschino cherries! This is a super sweet scent that blends the sweetness and tartness of lemonade with candied cherries! A

The Throw: Fabulous! This scent will fill up any size room with a medium-heavy throw! It’s great! A

Yes, I love Cherry Lemonade….in fact, it’s one of the scents I suggest when friends ask for a Yankee Candle with a strong or high quality throw!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I love this one!! I asked my favorite sales associates at the yankee store and he had some in the back. They sold them it me. I think this one is going away. It was in the SAS for half off. I stocked up.

    • Stephanie, thanks for telling me this! I didn’t see any at YC…but it’s probably because it sold out! I’ll ask around to see, because I’ll have to stock up! First Country Lemonade… cherry lemonade! 😦

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