Pear Berry Brandy (BH&G)

There is something about this “boozey” scent that I love. Pear Berry Brandy is a new winter scent from the BH&G wax cube line from Walmart.

Pear Berry Brandy

The Scent: A wonderful, crisp, mix of juicy, sweet pears with slightly tart cranberry. I always have thought that pear smells similar to sweet alcoholic beverages….and that brandy note actually comes across! This smells like a cool fall night, sitting around a fireplace, with friends drinking a pear, cranberry, and brandy cocktail. A-

The Throw: Very nice….this is not a “blow you away” scent, but it will fill up a large sized room! I’d say it was a medium throw, which translates to a B+

Overall, Pear Berry Brandy was the surprise “hit” scent for me from this year’s batch of BH&G wax cubes…..if you happen to run across it (probably on sale/clearance at Walmart), i urge you to give it a sniff!

-Kari Ann-


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