Beach Walk

I went to a few holiday parties over the past week and made sure to snap some pictures of any candle burning!

My step-mother-in-law had a Beach Walk medium jar burning in the hallway! This is a classic beach scent from Yankee Candle!

Beach Walk

The Scent: Beach Walk is a fresh scent of salty sea air and warm sand. It is by far one of my favorite summer beach scents! Even that picture reminds me of going down to the cape during the summer with my family! If you love the beach-themed scents or any type of “fresh” or natural scents, give Beach Walk a sniff. It’s available right now at Yankee Candle! B+

The Throw: This is one of the stronger throws at Yankee Candle. Seriously, this scent will fill up any sized room with a medium-strong throw! It filled up the hallway and a bedroom! My husband thinks this scent can be too strong unless it’s being lit in a fairly large room….that’s an excellent throw in my opinion! A+

-Kari Ann-



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