Ashland Christmas Tree

I am a huge fan of the Ashland candles from Michael’s craft stores. I used them in my wedding because they go on sale for 3/$10 and give surprisingly good throws for the price!

The last candle I will review from my step mother-in-law is Ashland’s Christmas Tree scent. I was one of the biggest fans of Yankee Candle’s (now retired) Christmas Tree. This Ashland Scent comes close to recreating that fresh Douglas Fir scent.

Asland Christmas Tree

The Scent: A lovely pine scent, perfect for the holidays. This candle gives the illusion that you have a brand new, fresh, Christmas Tree! It smelled similar to the Douglas Fir we had in our own home! Laura, my step-mother-in-law, had this one lit in her kitchen…..and it made the whole room smell like real pine! But, I will admit that Yankee Candle’s version is better. B

The Throw: Again, these Ashland candles impress me! This candle completely filled up her kitchen (which is a decent size and has a small dining area!). This throw was comparable to the other Yankee Candle’s she had lit…at a fraction of the cost! B

So, in my opinion, Yankee Candle’s Christmas Tree is better…but it is currently retired and nearly impossible to find. Ashland’s version is a pleasant alternative that will run you under $5 to try!

The one note I will add about Ashland is that they almost always seem to tunnel. But…..they are cheaper than YC, so the missed wax doesn’t hurt as much!

-Kari Ann-


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