Loves Me Loves Me Not

Loves Me Loves Me Not is a floral scent by Yankee Candle that is only a few years old.

Currently, on the Yankee Candle website, it is on clearance. This usually means that the scent is either seasonally or permanently retiring. I have heard nothing about the fate of this scent…but if you like it, grab it now just in case!

Loves Me Loves Me Not was burning in my step-mother-in-law’s bathroom for our annual holiday party. I am not a floral scent lover, but I was blown away by the throw!


The Scent: A fresh bouquet of white daisies. It is a pure floral scent that screams springtime! Like I said, I do not like floral scents, but this one is pleasant and simple (pure daisy without 10 other scent notes mixed in). Since I am reviewing someone else’s candle, I’m refraining for giving it a grade.

The Throw: Wow was I impressed by this candle’s throw! It filled up the bathroom almost as if a giant bouquet of fresh daisies were there! If you closed your eyes, it almost felt like springtime in a garden! A-

So….Loves Me Loves Me Not is not my type of scent, but the throw was excellent! And I did appreciate the purity of the daisy scent!

Anyone know if this scent is being discontinued?

-Kari Ann-



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