Mandarin Cranberry

So many people like this scent…it is a year round staple for Yankee Candle…but I was disappointed by the throw. The tart I tried is a few years old, so this tart may be a testament to the (lack of) longevity of some tarts!

In other words, it’s better to use your tarts then save them if you want to enjoy the throw.

Mandarin Cranberry

The Scent: A wonderful blend of sweet oranges and tart cranberry! This scent seems like a delicious idea for a mixed drink….it is New Year’s Eve, so sparkling wine is one my mind! It is a nice, fruity scent that is more autumnal and wintry. B+

The Throw: As mentioned above, very disappointing. This one was light and I almost immediately forgot I even had a tart melting! You would have to walk back into the kitchen to even detect the orange and cranberry notes. D+

According to ratings for Mandarin Cranberry, I may have gotten a dud or mine may have been too old and lost some of it’s scent. While the actually fragrance is wonderful, this poor throw will cause me to pass up this scent in the future.

-Kari Ann-


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