Pink Dragon Fruit

Pink Dragon Fruit is a tropical, almost creamy, fruit scent that I really love. For some reason, it reminds me of the old Sun Ripened Raspberries fragrance from Bath & Body Works.

Pink Dragon Fruit is currently on clearance on the Yankee Candle website (and almost sold out)….but I think it is a spring/summer seasonal scent, so it may come back after the winter Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle.

Pink Dragon Fruit

The Scent: Dragon fruit is hard to describe because it’s a scent all to itself. It is tropical and exotic. I’ve never even seen a dragon fruit, (and I don’t think drinking the Sobe Dragon drink from 10 years ago counts!). So this is a truly unique, yet fruity, scent. B+

The Throw: I enjoyed this throw…it is a light-medium that will fill up a medium sized room with a tropical background scent. It is not a blow-you-away throw, but it is a subtle, yet completely noticeable and detectable, scent. Pink Dragon Fruit is a great candle for someone who gets headaches from strong fragrances easily, but still wants a candle they can burn and smell. Personally, I am happy with “background” scents…but if you want a powerhouse throw, this one will be too subtle for you! B-


-Kari Ann-


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