White Barn Christmas

At last year’s Semi-Annual Sale, I bought the special White Barn Christmas 2012 candle from Bath and Body Works for $5. This was last year’s Black Friday limited edition candle, and the BBW near my husband had dozens!

(My husband lives in Maryland while I live in Rhode Island because I’m still a student. We’ll finally be able to live together once I graduate this spring/summer!)

White Barn Christmas

The Scent: The description on the back of the candle reads: “Celebrate the season with comfort and joy- a jubilant fragrance of sugared pine, sweet green balsam, crisp apple, and smoked firewood.” It is a sweeter pine scent with hints of wood notes, but I don’t detect any apple or smokiness (which would have been nice). Overall, this scent falls flat as just another pine scent to me. It’s not bad, it’s just not special. The husband loves it though, so it’s been our post-holiday/ New Years candle of the moment. B-

The Throw: This one is a bit of a disappointment, as the throw is fairly weak. It is a light throw that very gently filled up a room. Compared to a few of the other pine scents I’ve reviewed recently (Mistletoe, Ashland Christmas Tree), this one is by far the weakest. C-


Originally, I regretted only getting one of these $5 candles….but now I’m glad. This is a great collectable, but not much more (in my humble opinion).

-Kari Ann-


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