Hot Buttered Rum

Yankee Candle’s Hot Buttered Rum is one of my favorite holiday scents. It’s retired, but it seems to pop up as a treasure every year. This year, my Yankee Candle had a few tarts of Hot Buttered Rum for $1.

Hot Buttered Rum

The Scent: Hot Buttered Rum is simply divine. It is a warm and sweet butterscotch scent with a tiny hint of vanilla. It smells like those orange butterscotch hard candies (or the drink it’s named after). If you like sweet, foodie scents, this one will blow you away. A

The Throw: Is always excellent! This has a great throw that will fill up a large-sized room. This scent (as a tart or large jar) will not disappoint you with it’s quality! A

Hot Buttered Rum is currently 50% off as part of the SAS at Yankee Candle, so if you love this retired scent, grab it while you can. Large jars are available online, but I’ve only found tarts in store so far!

-Kari Ann-


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