Fall Festival

My husband picked out Fall Festival when we went to Yankee Candle Village in September. It was a treasure and he loved this rustic autumn scent.

Fall Festival

The Scent: Fall Festival is more complex of a scent that I thought. To be honest, I expected another pumpkin-apple mash-up. But this scent is unique and delightfully surprisingly with multiple scent layers. The picture is actually deceiving because I smell spices, not fruits!

This scent is a blend of maple, brown sugar, and warm caramel with undertones of nutty walnut and perhaps a dash of cinnamon and citrus peel. It is a mix of some of my favorite Yankee Candle scent: Maple Walnut, Cinnamon & Sugar, Spiced Orange, Maple Pancakes, and Creamy Caramel. This candle seriously surprised me with the powerhouse spice mix! If you like warm and sweet maple scents, try to get your hands on this scent! B+

The Throw: Was about average, maybe slightly above average. It filled up my kitchen and living room with a light-medium throw that didn’t overwhelm my senses, but was definitely detectable. This is a perfect background scent that will gently fill your home with the warmth of fall. I actually love throws like this: you can smell them, but they don’t overtake your house or give you a headache. I think my nose kept getting used to the scent, but the maple notes were divine! But, if you are looking for a strong throw, this one isn’t for you. B-

Good pick Mike!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Fall Festival is one of my all-time favorites, and I have a large stash of it, all of them from prior pour-years, so they are quite fragrant, the way Yankee Candles used to be, consistently. The scent of walnuts is what won my heart for this fragrance. So glad that you like it too !!

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