Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon is a year-round candle scent at Yankee Candle. It replaced Fresh Lemon a few years ago as the reigning lemon scent that can be found all year!

If you read this blog, then you probably are sick of hearing me continuously declare my love for lemon scents!

Well, I love Meyer Lemon!

Meyer Lemon

The Scent: A sweet, fresh, lemon scent. Meyer Lemon is definitely on the sweeter rather than tart side of lemon scents, but it is not as sweet as the lemonade-like scents. It is refreshing and wonderful scent that smells more like a nice dessert than a cleaning product. It’s wonderful! A-

The Throw: I’ve read that this scent has a terrible throw, and I can attest to the votive having zero throw, but the tart was fairly strong! I’d rank this as a medium throw that filled up my kitchen and living room. I will admit that I wish it were stronger (and from reviews, it sounds like the jars have terrible throws). My experiences with Cherry Lemonade and Country Lemonade blow this scent out of the water!

So, the throw of this tart was great, but it is disappointing compared to other lemon scents. It did fill up my kitchen with a delicious, sweet lemon scent, so I will have to give it a B

-Kari Ann-


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