Royal Frankincense

Royal Frankincense is one of the world journey scents released by yankee candle. This is one of the only world journeys I have never seen in stores. Kari found some tarts of it on eBay and ordered them for me for my birthday 2 years ago. For my review I’m going to mimic Kari’s grading system (which I usually tease her about).

Scent: I’m sadly not a huge fan of this scent. I am not a fan of spice scents at all and very rarely burn them, if ever. It reminds me of the incense Kari used to burn all the time when we were kids. C

Throw: The throw on this is very strong! I used it in my kitchen and it’s what you smell immediately when entering. A

This candle has an excellent throw, but it’s not for me. However for anyone who likes spicy scents this would be perfect for you! I knew going into it that I wouldn’t be a huge fan but I had to try it in order to complete my world journey collection! -Jenna-



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