Homegoods Trip!

On Friday, I poked my head into Homegoods. All of the holiday stuff has finally been cleared out….and replaced by a ton of Yankee Candles! I didn’t buy anything because I’m searching for the rumored New England Maple candle!


1) Sorry for the blurriness! Grapefruit, Orange, and Sands of Bora Bora. I was surprised to see that the Citrus Passion line from two summers ago has now made it’s way to Homegoods. I bought a few of these scents for my wedding, but personally have not burned them yet! Sands of Bora Bora is a newer World Journey that is similar to Pink Sands and had a wonderful throw!


2) Alaskan Lights. Jenna just bought this candle, so hopefully she’ll be able to review it better! This is another new World Journey that smelled similar to Evening Air (to me). It’s a very fresh scent.


3) New Zealand Wildberry. Two words: fruit punch. Another amazing World Journey. In the very corner of the picture is the Illuminations Wonderful Cookie. Yankee Candle owns Illuminations and the few I’ve tried have been homeruns!


4) Lime, Sands of Bora Bora, Sahara Sun, and Grapefruit. Homegoods had a ton of the Citrus Passion line. The only scent they didn’t have was Lemon (which was my favorite of the collection!). Sahara Sun is another newer World Journey scents that is a pleasant and unique scent. Norma, one of our readers, has the theory that Sahara Sun is Napa Valley Sun!


5) Orange and Appalachian Daisy. Appalachian Daisy is also a newer World Journey…is is a floral, so it’s not my cup of tea.

World Journeys not pictured but found at Homegoods were Egyptian Cotton, Christmas in Paris, and French Lavender.


Finally, I bought the Crazy Cat Lady mug…I couldn’t resist!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Kari, I just got back from a trip to TJMaxx, and they had, among many other WJ fragrances, several of the NE Maple Tumbler Candle, like 6 or 7, so of course I bought one. Check out a TJM if you have one near you !!

  2. New England Maple is available at tj maxx, if you are from NYC the one on 18th street has it.
    They sell it for $9.99.
    Which of the Journey would you recommend ?It will be my frost Journey candle and I wan to choose a good one.

    • Hi Aga,
      I haven’t tried NE Maple yet, but it seems lit. My favorite World Journeys are Egyptian Cotton, South African Vineyard, and Italian Christmas Biscotti. I find the fruit or “fresh” based WJ to usually be the strongest!

      Goodluck! Searching is the funnest part!

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