Juicy Peach

I do like Juicy Peach….it’s pretty great! However, I do agree that this scent has room for improvement!

Juicy Peach

The Scent: A ripe and juicy peach. This is where I will get confusing. I do like this scent a lot. It’s a sweet and gentle peach scent that reminds me of late summer. However, I do think that this peach scent is a tad artificial…but not in a bad way! What I mean is that this scent doesn’t smell like an authentic, ripe, peach to me. It still smells nice, but it’s more of a peach flavoring scent. I’m not complaining…but I would wonder what a more true-to-life peach scent would smell like. I’d love to see a peach cobbler scent come out to test this theory! B

The Throw: I enjoyed this light-medium throw. It quickly and subtly filled up my large living area. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly stronger throw. But it was detectable and gave my room a pleasant, summery, ambiance. C+

Overall, I like Juicy Peach. It is a “background” scent that will freshen, and summerify, a medium to small sized room. This scent often falls into the “meh” category for me. I like it, but I don’t like it enough to even invest in a large jar (unless it’s a fabulous deal!).

-Kari Ann-



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