Plug-in Scent Diffusers

Okay, so over the last two years, I’ve been shopping around for the best plug-in scent diffuser.

The three that I tried were Yankee Candle, Airwick, and Bath & Body Works. I will note that I have used Glade in the past with moderate success…especially the kind with duel scents. However, I limited to three brands so I didn’t have a tons of plug-in units with no use.

What I look for in plug-in scent diffusers:

1) A good throw that isn’t too over-powering so I can still burn candles. The type where you smell if when you enter a room, but your nose will adjust to it after a little while.

2) Covers up my cat’s litter box.

3) Lasts at least 3 weeks before fading.

4) Brand offers a good variety of (good) scents.

5) No visible smoking. (This didn’t happen for any of the units).

6) Bonus: It’s nice when the plug-in units comes in different colors/shapes for decorative reasons.


Onto my personal results:


Third Place: Airwick

2012-09-02_14-11-55_359 (2)

Airwick’s scent quality was so inconsistent. This scent, for example (vanilla coconut) was excellent! But, then their Vanilla Cookie and Cape Cod Harvest were both virtually scentless and a total waste of money. It was no longer fun, because trying a new scent most likely meant getting frustrated with the lack of throw.

It also doesn’t help that Airwick has the fewest scent variety out of the bunch, and a standard plug-in unit. So I’ve given up on this brand, even though it was the best priced. I did, though, like that the strength have 5 choices!

Second Place: Yankee Candle

Bahama Breeze     plugin 3

Okay, this was sad for me. Second and third place were very close, but I ended up with many more successful scents from Yankee Candle than Airwick. I found that most of the scents, if detectable, wore out pretty fast, usually around 2 weeks regardless of it’s setting.

In order to even be able to smell it, I did have to set the strength to full blast, so having a setting switch seemed useless. While scents like Beach Walk and Vanilla Lime were homeruns, scents like Pink Sands and Bahama Breeze were either scentless, so lost their throw very quickly.

Overall, not terrible, but too inconsistent again with what will work and what is a money waste!

First Place: Bath & Body Works

WallFlower WallFlower2

Bath & Body Works is the clear winner to me! Every scent had at least a decent throw and last at least 3 weeks. The scent variety was great, and it is the only brand to offer these cute plug-in designers (minor details, but helps). Every scent I tried covered up my cat’s litter box and some even carried their scent into the next room (without even being too strong).

The variety of scents is wonderful, and with coupons and on sale, they aren’t too expensive. The only “wish” I had would be to adjust their strength.



Okay, so BBW is the winner for me! I tried each brand on and off to make an assessment, and made sure I tried at least 4 different scents for each. For the quality and variety of wonderful scents, BBW is now my go-to plug-in!

I encourage everyone to do this same experiment if you are on the fence with a brand!

-Kari Ann-




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