Sugared Lemons plug-in

My family did a secret santa this year…and Jenna was my secret santa! yay!

One of the things she got me was this adorable, wintry, plug-in unit from Bath & Body Works:


She also got me a few of the Wall Flower bulbs. This first one I tried out is Sugared Lemons, and I’m loving it!

sugared lemon

The Scent: Delicious, sweet, citrusy lemons. This smells like the type of  decorative lemons that are egg-washed, then rolled in sanding sugar! It’s a sweet, candy-like lemon scent that is just wonderful! A

The Throw: Well, I just did my huge plug-in review in which BBW got the top slot….and Sugared Lemons is a prime example of why! This baby fills up the room with my cat’s litter box (and has been for 2 weeks now). It’s the perfect plug-in throw where it isn’t too over-powering, so I can still light candles, but it is definitely detectable! Love it! A

So if you love sweet lemon scents, keep an eye out for this scent!

-Kari Ann-


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