Ocean Star

Ocean Star is one of the new spring 2014 Yankee Candles! My step-mother-in-law Laura gave this to me for Christmas! And I must say that Ocean Star is a superstar!

Ocean Star

The Scent: This is a wonderful fresh scent with just a touch of floral. It smells, to me, like Ocean Water with hints of Water Garden, both are now retired scents. You first smell the fresh, salty, ocean smell of a tropical beach. Then, you can detect the hints of lotus blossoms. It is truly divine and perhaps the best ocean scent I’ve ever smelled! (And I’m an oceanographer, so I know my ocean scents!) A

The Throw: This scent has a very nice through! It is a solid medium that will fill up a large sized room nicely. I think it’s the perfect balance of being a “presence” and not being too over-powering and headache inducing. A

Good job Yankee Candle! Also, the blue color of the wax pool is my all time favorite color! Crayola blue-green!

-Kari Ann-



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