Car Freshener: Spiced Pumpkin

It was time for a new car freshener, and Spiced Pumpkin was next on my list! It was one of the car fresheners I won from Yankee Candle Village!

Spiced Pumpkin

Spiced Pumpkin is a classic fall scent at Yankee Candle! It’s got a sugar and cinnamon spiciness to it that blends perfectly with the pumpkin! This is a wonderful scent that for some very strange reason reminds me of bubblegum (I don’t know why!).

If you love the pumpkin spice craze that starts every fall, give Spiced Pumpkin a sniff! I can attest that the car freshener is fabulous!

-Kari Ann-


As a side note, for anyone interested in oceanography, I also contribute to science blog:




      • I have never been, but should go someday. I also currently have a fish tank on my room. So far I only have a Cleaner Shrimp and Clownfish, but a disease is slowing me down. 😦

      • Tropical salt water?! Lovely! That’s hard to do! I currently have a fresh water turtle, so no fish for us or he’ll eat them!

        The Boston Aquarium is my favorite, but the Baltimore Aquarium is the most impressive (in my opinion) πŸ™‚ Hope you get to visit them all one day!

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