Water Garden

I just love Water Garden! I do not like most floral scents, but Water Garden is the perfect balance of being a “fresh” scent that happens to have “floral” undertones.

Water Garden is retired, but it makes still makes occasional appearances at Outlets, Yankee Candle Village, and sometimes as the seasonal Treasure.

I have reviewed Water Garden before (https://yankeecandlesisters.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/water-garden-yankee-candle/) but I decided to use my last tart of this scent.

water garden tart

The Scent: A small, remote pond in the middle of summer full of blooming water lilies and lotus blossoms. It has that fresh green scent to it that can only be described as an undisturbed forest pond teeming with plants!

I hate most floral scents, but I love this fresh with floral notes, fragrance! B+

The Throw: Is spectacular! This is one of the strongest throws for a Yankee Candle I’ve ever experienced! It will fill up a large room with ease! It seems like the scent will be light when sniffed cold, but once it melts, your home becomes a lush pond! A


Mixology: I melted this Water Garden tart alongside Ocean Star. What a perfect marriage of scents! Ocean Star already has  slight lotus & green notes to it, so Water Garden just enhanced the scent! The combination of the two was a fresh, springtime, paradise with extra kicks of greenness, waterlily, and lotus. It smelled like I was at the intersect of a forest pond and the seashore! I will say that Water Garden become the more dominant scent, but Ocean Star was still distinguishable! A-

sahara 3

Here’s a picture of my cat Sahara enjoying her new bed 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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