Buttercream Mint

This is the very first post where Jenna and I will be co-writing! Hopefully we can do more combined posts in the future! Jenna burned this candle while I (Kari) only was able to smell if cold (unlit).

Buttercream Mint was the special 2013 Limited Edition candle scent released by Bath & Body Works as a Black Friday promotion. They were all sold out by the time I got to the stores, but Jenna was able to grab one!

Buttercream Mint 1

The Scent:

Jenna: mint oreo! A

Kari: Whipped, buttery meringue with cool, icy spearmint! Nothing artificial smelling, just sweet and delicious! A

Buttercream mint2

The Throw: Jenna was the lucky one who got to light this candle….she wasn’t too impressed and said the throw was fairly light. However, she used her Snowman large tumbler holder (from BBW) and wonders if that could have made the throw weaker, or possibly prevent the throw from traveling far! C+

To my knowledge, this is the second year that Bath & Body Works has released a special candle for Black Friday. I hope they continue this promotion! However, hopefully the throw will be a bit stronger in next years!

-Kari (with a lot of help from Jenna)-



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