Wild Passion Fruit

Wild Passion Fruit just wasn’t for me. I normally love fruit scents, but there was just something about this one that made me not love it.

I was still recovering from my cold when I tried this scent, and I debated whether or not to review it…. Wild Passion Fruit definitely will be getting an unfair review since my sense of smell was limited.

Nevertheless, I will give my insights, but I will not be grading it like I normally would! Lesson learned….don’t burn a new candle scent if you have a cold, because you’ll miss out of the new scent experience!


The Scent: This is a delicate fragrance of melon, citrus, and honeysuckle-like florals. I think that is what offset me…that light floral note. The melon is nice, but I wish the citrus was stronger. I don’t usually associate fruit scents with light and delicate. So this scent isn’t terrible, it just wasn’t for me. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I was all stuffed up, but I feel like the new Citrus Tango is more my style!

The Throw: I was all stuffed up, but I had been able to smell Ocean Star the night before. So, what I can say, is that Wild Passion Fruit had a weaker throw than Ocean Star. It was barely detectable to me and only filled up a small diameter of scent around my tart warmer. Because of my cold, I cannot say if it was weak or medium, but it didn’t blow me away.


So, my cold ruined this experience. Wild Passion Fruit was retired, so it is unlikely that I will be able to give this scent a second chance. However, I am more excited to try the new fruit scents than treasure hunting for this scent!

-Kari Ann-


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