Closing Thoughts: Ocean Star

Here’s a new section I’m trying out….

Large jars from Yankee Candle are a big commitment. For starters, they cost ~$30 at regular price! But they also give you >100 hours of burn time.

Today was my last day burning Ocean Star….so after about 3 solid weeks of burning Ocean Star, how did it hold up?


Well, I loved every minute of it! This candled burned beautifully and gave off a constant medium throw! If you like fresh-type scents, especially ocean scents, this new Yankee Candle is a great pick!

There are very few candles I can burn for 3 weeks without getting sick of….and Ocean Star was one of those rare scents. What a winner!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Good to hear! I got this in a small jar but I haven’t burned it. Saving it for a stocking stuffer next Christmas! I’m waiting for a sale so I can buy the large jar for me! I like the scent a lot on cold throw.

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